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Cleaner Than Soap

By Jane E. Clark (c) 1984

I knew it was You telling me what to do
the last time I wanted to know,
but couldn’t quite see how those soaps on TV
could be harmful for just one more show!

So I watched for a while and I thought with a smile
that I’d cleanse my mind later that night.
But right now I’m busy enjoying TV –
tomorrow, I’ll spend my time right!

After the program, in minutes to spare,
I looked, but could not find Your Book anywhere!
Well, I guess if my watching the soaps was so wrong,
You’d have Your Book show up before this long.

Weeks started flying. I even stopped trying
to make time to open Your Book.
Till today, between shows I just happened to spot it.
I figured I’d take a quick look.

What I read made me see just how blind I can be,
and how loving and patient You are.
For You showed me again what I asked way back then,
and I see how I’ve drifted so far!

So, I’ll set nothing worthless before my eyes.
I’ll not entertain those who tell me lies.
I’ll give heed to your way and walk blameless today.
I will follow Your Word, and be wise.

For I knew it was You telling me what to do –
the last time I wanted to know…

(Bible Reference: Psalm 101)

Poem by Jane E. Clark, c. 1984


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Be careful what you say
to those who run the show.
Better wait another day
if they really need to know.

To be open with your thoughts,
secrets tucked within your heart,
may cause you to be caught
as the wolves tear you apart.

It used to be so easy
to trust them, one and all.
My way was light and breezy
till they saw me slip and fall.

Then my hope was held for ransom
by the ones I called my friends.
If I’d only held my tongue,
I would not need a defense.

So today, I prescribe caution
in the “friends” you choose to trust.
Do not open your heart often.
And then, only if you must.

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You’re searching for the truth in life
you think you’ll never find.
Bits and pieces of philosophy
are messing with your mind.
Do you need Someone to trust in –
to believe in something true?
If you seek the LORD with all your heart
He’ll reveal Himself to you.
There are no 10-quick steps to Heaven,
no magic recipe
no way to work your way up
to earn eternity
no pat or easy answers
to make it *on your own*
but place your trust in Jesus
And you’ll never walk alone.
All the good works ever done
will not pay for one sin.
Perfection is expected!
So who then, can get in?
Thanks be to God for Jesus Christ
who paid sin’s price for me!
As I abide in Him
I’m promised life abundantly,
and that, eternally! ❤
Jane E Clark (c) 1978

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If all you have is water
then I won’t ask for tea.
If all you have is a penny,
I will not long for three.

If all you can offer is friendship,
then it’s enough for me –
for I love you, and your pleasure
brings happiness to me.

(c)  1975 by Jane Lawther Clark  (age 15)

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Sara, lovely Sara,
what are you looking for?
You won’t find it on the streets
or walking through your door.

You’re chasing after love
that always walks away.
It takes your very breath,
and then it makes you pay –

Johnny, silly Johnny,
what are you searching for?
You can’t buy it on the streets
and not have to come for more.

It’s an endless, vicious cycle
that will take you to your grave.
There’s an answer for you, Johnny.
There’s a man whose life He gave,
for you.

You won’t find what you’re searching for
in the fast pace of the night.
You won’t forget the pain you feel
getting high as a kite.

The answer’s in the Sonshine,
you will find it in the Light.
The blood of Jesus Christ
that will turn your stained heart white.

Just believe in Him.

(c) 1978 Jane Lawther Clark

I wrote this one back in the days of desperately seeking Jesus. I was preaching to myself as much as anyone else.

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Silent Serenade

I sang a serenade to you –
you couldn’t hear the words.
I only saw you once today
and waited till you turned away
to sing for you these words…

How can you know if I don’t speak?
I never will deny
I think you’re beautiful, you know,
I wish that I could tell you so
but I’m afraid to try.

by Jane (Lawther) Clark
(c) 1976.  I was 16 when I wrote this.

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Teacher is Her Name

She carries us to worlds unknown
of wonder and delight,
unveils the mystery of the code
and transforms dull to bright.

What would have been a grudging chore
has now become a song
of letter sounds and verbs and nouns
and learning right from wrong.

As she pours out her life for us
we’ll never be the same.
I thank my God for such a gift,
and Teacher is her name.

by Jane E. Clark  (I wrote this for Anita Mills in 1996. She was my daughter Sharon’s 1st grade teacher at Christian Life Learning Center in Corinth, MS. She deserved great praise for her creativity, love and hard work.)

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On Tuesday, you will find him on his chair,
disdainfully regarding passers by.
Though he at times, will signal with a wink,
as someone sweet and soft would catch his eye.

Agreeable as life with him would seem,
with servants tending to his every whim –
they serve him seafood platters, milk and cream,
with never nod, or word of thanks from him!

But life for him was meant to be this way.
He can afford to sit all day and feast!
He’ll never need to work to earn his pay.
His motives aren’t questioned in the least.

Today I am a servant in his house.
I keep his things picked up and fix his meals.
He looks at me sometimes now, from his chair,
I’m not sure if from pity, or appeal.

It’s getting late, and time for dinner now.
He’ll dine on turkey in a gourmet feast.
And all the thanks I get, is a meow.
But I guess that’s the nature of the beast.

Jane E Clark (c) 1983

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Isn’t Up To Me


If it were up to me
to steer this ship
I’d sure be sunk!

If it were up to me
to pass this test
I know I’d flunk.

If I had to open my own door
I’d lose the key.

I’m so glad that my salvation
isn’t up to me.

by Jane E. Clark

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She hesitates a moment by the stair,
wondering if her daddy knows she’s there.
Then careful to avoid the slightest creak,
descends a couple, just to take a peek.

With wonder at what’s going on below,
she longs to be included, and to know.
Until her curiosity’s been fed,
there is no point to tucking her in bed.

Jane E Clark (c) 1993

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