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For the sins of the fathers
and the sins of the mothers
you were cast off to others,
and who could have guessed –

through no fault of your own
adrift and alone,
you tried to make sense of
what others thought best.

Like a scattered puzzle
missing a part
you tried to rebuild it
with a broken heart,

no place of belonging,
no end to the longing,
to recover the losses,
and make a new start.

But the pieces around you,
had a different design.
Your edges grew torn,
for the fit, wasn’t mine.

And the day you recovered,
the pieces you lost,
was the day I discovered,
the immeasurable cost.

For the sins of the fathers
and the sins of the mothers
you still felt cast away,
though you had found me

and with edges still raw from
the pain of adjustment
you have not found comfort
in your new family.

And I pray the Designer
of families all,
will reach down with mercy
on those who would fall…

and restore what is broken
and replace what is lost
to help us break down this
barrier wall.

That the sins of the fathers
won’t leave you adrift
and the sins of the mothers
won’t leave a great rift –

But let there be healing
while through pain it must come,
let love cover the damage
that the past has done.

Replace with a fresh hope,
the rejection and sorrow.
And may forgiveness
fill our hearts for tomorrow.


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