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You’re searching for the truth in life
you think you’ll never find.
Bits and pieces of philosophy
are messing with your mind.
Do you need Someone to trust in –
to believe in something true?
If you seek the LORD with all your heart
He’ll reveal Himself to you.
There are no 10-quick steps to Heaven,
no magic recipe
no way to work your way up
to earn eternity
no pat or easy answers
to make it *on your own*
but place your trust in Jesus
And you’ll never walk alone.
All the good works ever done
will not pay for one sin.
Perfection is expected!
So who then, can get in?
Thanks be to God for Jesus Christ
who paid sin’s price for me!
As I abide in Him
I’m promised life abundantly,
and that, eternally! ❤
Jane E Clark (c) 1978

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