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Cleaner Than Soap

By Jane E. Clark (c) 1984

I knew it was You telling me what to do
the last time I wanted to know,
but couldn’t quite see how those soaps on TV
could be harmful for just one more show!

So I watched for a while and I thought with a smile
that I’d cleanse my mind later that night.
But right now I’m busy enjoying TV –
tomorrow, I’ll spend my time right!

After the program, in minutes to spare,
I looked, but could not find Your Book anywhere!
Well, I guess if my watching the soaps was so wrong,
You’d have Your Book show up before this long.

Weeks started flying. I even stopped trying
to make time to open Your Book.
Till today, between shows I just happened to spot it.
I figured I’d take a quick look.

What I read made me see just how blind I can be,
and how loving and patient You are.
For You showed me again what I asked way back then,
and I see how I’ve drifted so far!

So, I’ll set nothing worthless before my eyes.
I’ll not entertain those who tell me lies.
I’ll give heed to your way and walk blameless today.
I will follow Your Word, and be wise.

For I knew it was You telling me what to do –
the last time I wanted to know…

(Bible Reference: Psalm 101)

Poem by Jane E. Clark, c. 1984


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