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To be content
while striving for more
To guard my children
with an open door,

To love as God does
in a world full of sin
without letting worldly
temptations in,

With the faith of a child,
but not easily swayed,
To live in freedom,
with God’s will obeyed,

To seek holiness,
and struggle to learn
the right from the wrong,
without judgment, discern –

Not trusting in self,
yet to rightly divide,
to find self approved,
and to live as I’ve died,

Armed, ready for battle,
with peaceful trust,
and do all for love,
because I *must*…

To fear God is wisdom.
Yet true love, casts out fear.
Somehow I need both
while I dwell on this sphere.

So, Lord my prayer is,
as the New Year begins,
where my efforts fall short,
please cover my sins.

And if my mind fails
to make sense of Your will,
Let your grace lift the veil,
so I’ll follow You, still.

by Jane E Clark, Dec. 17, 2012


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