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As You Sail Away

I can’t see your piercing, questioning eyes

as you look out to sea, away from me,

expecting another unpleasant surprise,

but no answer comes. No answer will be.


Carelessly glancing at all you once knew,

and shifting your load to lighten your pace,

you join with your comrades, captain and crew

and turn back a moment, to study my face.


I remain rooted, and fixed to this ground.

The rope is untied and sails are unfurled.

The air echoes shrill with the gulls as they sound,

as you sail away, and out of my world.


I’ll always care for you, and never forget

the stories, philosophies, questions and tears.

This chapter may close on our lives and yet,

will live in my memory, as if you were here.


I’m breaking inside at the loss of my friend.

And hoping you find as you sail through the night,

Fair winds to a harbor around the next bend

And following seas that lead to the light.

Jane Clark 4/25/2010



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The Power of Your Name

Sung into the air,

whispered in a prayer.

Etched on tender pages

hallowed through the ages.

May It be.

The word that thrills my heart,

Alive and set apart.

No other loves can claim

the power of your name.

Over me.

Jane Clark 4/19/2010

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John Galt

Who is he and why should I care?
What matter, what meaning, anywhere?
All is futility, effort a waste
When no bread remains for the hungry to taste.

You’ll toil and sweat for society’s good.
If you do what is right and do what you should,
The pockets of beggars will be full and fat
But what will posterity do after that?

The drunk lays down wasted. The well has run dry
and no change is left in the coffers to buy.
The tools are left rusting, all lined up in rows,
But the wise have all left, so nobody knows.

The beggar would damn him, the savior of all,
accusing the thinker for the pain of his fall.
The prophet of profit, destroyer of fools
He will not be tied or be tried by their rules.

He lets each one fall. The motors all cease.
When lights all go out, at last there is peace.
And when men of mind at last may go home
They’ll rebuild Atlantis that only they’ve known.

Jane Clark 4/16/2010

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