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I Remain

You say hello to evening
as welcoming a friend.
The light has had it’s turn
the day has found it’s end.

It’s time to close your eyes,
to rest in dreamless sleep.
I know love never dies
but unashamed, I weep.

You smile in sweet repose,
adorned in silk and lace,
as one who really knows
you’ll see your bridegroom’s face.

In shadows I remain
and watch you as you fly,
yet choked with lonely pain,
to watch my Mother die.

(c) 2010 Jane Clark


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The mirror of Dorian Gray, deceiving –
his portrait lies buried that tells the truth.
The wandering heart, self-excusing, believing
it never will face the end of its youth.

But darkness will fill the heart of the canvas
And bloodstains seep through to mar beauty’s face
The countenance hardens, the mirror won’t show this
Until retribution has found her place.

Then sheets torn away to the horror of all
reveal the true nature of Dorian’s sin
No veil can now hide his consummate fall,
Nor repentance be found to begin again.

Only flames and torment, for this one must die.
His sins have dragged many, unwitting to hell.
Yet there, but for God’s grace, go I
Uncloaking my portrait, I know this well.

By Jane Clark 5/3/2010

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