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Little Blonde Heads

Our little blonde heads,
now tucked into bed
with a kiss and a prayer
and good nights all said.
Each day has its wiggles,
its tantrums and giggles,
that still to a sigh
as they snuggle in bed.
We tiptoe from their room.
Has the day passed so soon?
Did we play enough games?
Were enough stories read?
But as morning grows light,
sunny faces in sight,
assure us again
of a full day ahead.
A new chance to grow,
to listen and know,
to love and to treasure,
our little blonde heads!
Jane E Clark

~ 1989


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To Your Glory 

by Jane E. Clark

Could mere words express Your glory?
– Songs do justice to Your grace?
Or an artist’s paintbrush bring to life
the wonder of Your face?

Could my hands give anything of worth
to hands that bore the nails for me?
Could my feet carry out the will
of Him, Who climbed up Calvary?

No, I can’t, on my own,
do anything of worth.
It is You who give first life.
It is You who give new birth.

Your Word will teach me how to speak.
Your Spirit give the song.
Your power, Lord, will work in me
to make the feeble, strong.

Exchanging Your grace for my shame
You took my cross, gave me Your Name.

You pour Your glory out today
into vessels made of clay
and make me worthy through Your grace
to gaze on the glory of Your face!

And because You love me so much –

My words do give You glory.
My hands can serve a King.
My feet can follow in Your steps
to minister and sing!

Your Words open my mouth to speak.
Your Spirit gives the song.
Your power, Jesus, works in me
and makes the feeble, strong!

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